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Our Simple 3-Step Process:


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After reviewing the details of your property, we'll connect you to a local investor and present an all-cash offer!


After selecting a closing date that's convenient to your schedule, you'll receive cash for your home at the time of closing!

What Info Should I Provide?

The above form is a great first step! In order for us to align the best fit cash investors in your local area, we'll need a few more details. Some examples are; when you purchased your home, the current condition of your property, your ideal timeline, and why you're looking to sell. We'll also answer any questions along the way! Don't forget to visit our Frequently Asked Questions.


How Is My Offer Created?


βœ“   After Repair Value: What your home's market value is after we finish renovations.

βœ“   Repair Costs: Based on all the information we gather, we then estimate what our cost will be to renovate and repair your home.

βœ“   Selling Costs: Additionally, a total value for selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, insurance (title and property and escrow fees) will be added in. This is usually 10% of the ARV.

βœ“   Return on Investment: What we pay our contractors is included here, and how we are able to keep our business running here at Home Investors!

What Is MY Offer?

It's possible to sell your home fast when working with our team here at Home Investors. We will walk you through all of your selling options and make sure you're heard each step of the way with our unique selling process. Please fill out the below form and we will be in touch ASAP.

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Home Investors vs. Real Estate Agents

Ever think to yourself, "I wish an investor could buy my house in 7 days and work faster than real estate agents." To show you just how different we are compared to traditional real estate agents, check out the below table!

Home Investors

βœ“ No fees or commission

βœ“ No financing contingencies or appraisals

βœ“ No open houses or showings

βœ“ We do inspections and cover closing costs

βœ“ No repairs or renovations needed

βœ“ Closing times are often 7-28 days

Real Estate Agents

β€’ Commissions are often 6% of the sales price

β€’ Lower sales price due to low appraisals

β€’ Open houses and showings add on time

β€’ Inspections and closing costs add on costs

β€’ Repairs are needed in the real estate market

β€’ Closing times are often 60-90 days

We Have Happy Sellers!

We're grateful to have so many happy sellers and their reviews prove it! Check out a few of their reviews below to see why they would recommend working with our team here at Home Investors.

Home Investors



buy my house for cash reviews

"Home Investors was simply fantastic! Among all the cash buyers or investors that I talked to, they offered me the most money. They have a hassle-free approach and they did not oversell or over-talk. They’re just on point and very responsive. I also appreciate how flexible they were with my schedule!"

Home Investors



buy my house for cash reviews

"Home Investors bought my home in as-is condition and they covered the closing costs. They did not ask me to clear the entire house which contains 30 years' worth of hoarded items. They're a very fair company that puts everything in writing and did not pressure me all throughout our transaction!"

Home investors



buy my house for cash reviews

"Home Investors went above and beyond to help my mom sell her property. They were trustworthy and they handled my mom well even though she was really overwhelmed and kept going back and forth. I didn't know much about the housing market, so I appreciate their willingness to explain everything."

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